Brukbare's B-kull
f. 14.07.2012

5 hanner/males - 1 tispe/female

Stamtavle for valpene/ Pedigree

N UCH Izgara's Borneo (t)

Nuch Dreamboy La Tervura (t)

NL uch Adsign de Scottatura

Akyra La Tervura

Fakaiser's Kifa (t)
Lux NL uch BelgV01 Xerox van de Hoege Laer
N DK uch Fakaiser's Kiwiee d'Kollier
Spader Ess Miss Grozza Virus (t)
Korad A-Te-Ell's Monseiur Virus
Niger (g)
A-Te-Ell's Monsieur Savoy (g)
Marmara Kiwi (g)
Spader Ess Miss Fatja (g)
Belgerac Zaro (g)
Spader Ess Miss Duett (g)

Baltazar ("Rusty") 13 weeks

Baltazar 13 weeks - he's so cute!!

Baltazar 13 weeks


10 weeks

Baltazar, Birk and Bark 10 weeks

Bark, Baltazar and Birk :)

Baltazar 10 weeks loves the frisbee we once got from Brukbare's Akela:)

Bark in moution

Bark is sweet!

Bark and Baltazar

Bark og Baltazar

Baltazar and Birk

Birk 10 weeks

Baltazart and Birk

Baltazar and Birk

Birk in action :)


9 weeks

Birk, Bark and Baltazar is still home, playing in the garden :)

Baltazar is enjoying life :)

Yes!, I'm coming!:)

Baltazar is absolutly Prince Charming!

Baltazar :)

Bark 9 weeks

Bark likes to play too :)

Birk and Bark - Baltazar under them ;)

Birk and Bark

Birk 9 weeks

8 weeks

Our wonderful boys 8 weeks :)
Baltazar, Bark, Pomba in front. Birk and Belco behind

Baltazar, Bark, Pomba in front. Birk and Belco behind

Birk, Bark and Pomba and a poor little chicken;)

Pomba - "Juhu I won!"

Birk, Belco and Bark - so cute all of them !!

Baltazar and Bark 8 weeks

Belco "smoking" and Bark:)

Baltazar loving life!

Baltazar is a sweet boy!

Baltazar tasting a flower:)


Fun, come on! (Baltazar)

Frisbee is nice to play with! (Baltazar)

They are all mine! :) (Baltazar)

Baltazar is a nice puppy to take pictures of :)


Bark is already a handsome guy!

Bark 8 weeks

Bark checking the flowers (and all the other green things....*lol*)

Bark is strong :)

Bark - it's quite big this thing.....

Okey, let's taste it! :)

Belco 8 weeks

Hello you! (Belco)

Belco has got something - better to run and hide it ;)


Belco and Birk is playing

Bo Pomba 8 weeks


Pomba is very cute! :)

Pomba is trying to get the ball from his mum........

Ups, mum don't alowe it......

Birk 8 weeks

Birk watching mum running.... :)

Birk playing with Bark

Birk sleeping......


B-litter - puppies 7 weeks

Baltazar, Bea and Bo Pomba 7 weeks

Baltazar, Bea and Bo Pomba 7 weeks
Baltazar is still available for a nice familiy ;)

Baltazar Viruz (purple) is training runinning stairs in the garden:) He is really sweet!

Okey, a little rest for Baltazar :)

Don't you think I'm cute? ;)

Bark (light green) 7 weeks

Bark Viruz is out checking the world ;)

Bo Pomba (light brown) and Miss Bea out running - 7 weeks

Bo Pomba and Miss Bea in front, Birk behind ;)

Belco Viruz (dark green) is snapping a flower ;)

Got you! ;) (Belco - Pomba behind)

Belco running with the ball ;)

Mother and daughter Bea is resting :) Sweet.....?

Meet Brukbare's Birk Viruz (blue)- he's the boy we will keep at home :)

Birk 7 weeks - playing :)

I'll kill it!

Birk is checing out the flowers :)



Puppies 6,5 weeks


Hi mum, may I have the ball;)

Light green 6 weeks

Light green and light brown

Light green and light brown

Light green is checking....Hmm what's this??

Purple 6,5 weeks

Dark green 6,5 weeks


5 uker/5 weeks :)

Light brown male, Miss Bea on top, blue male and light green behind:)

Light brown, Miss Bea and blue male

Light brown and Miss Bea

Blue and light green male

Blue and light green; Do you want a kiss?

Blue and purple male

Light green, light brown, Miss Bea and blue

Miss Bea Viruz 5 weeks :)

Sweet little princess:)

Miss Bea Viruz

Light brown

Light brown

Purple boy 5 weeks

Grozza and light green boy

Light green :)

Don't you think I'm cute?

Dark green playing :)

Dark green

Dark green

Valpene 4 uker /4 weeks - sunday in the sun :)

Dinner outside :)

Out in the garden again - nice!

Miss Bea Viruz


Bea is sleepy :)

Bea - Photo taken towards the sun ....turns out a bit grey, but still a nice picture ;)

Light brown and blue male

Light brown "Hello there!"

Light brown and mum: Hi mum :)

Light brown - kisses mum :)

Nice.... :)

Light brown and mum Grozza

Okey I'll sleep some more (light brown)

Blue male - he's out checking the world ;)

Blue - hmm what's this?

Sweet little guy :)

Dark Green and Blue male

Light brown and blue with mum

Purple male -cute ?

Purple in the midle :)

Purple playing with a little bird thing ;)

Purple wants a kiss too *hihi*

Purple and light green playing

Purple and light green - they were awake, the others sleeping ;)

Still purple in front of the camera :)

Light green male

Light green male :)

A lot of kissing to do today :)


Valpene 4 uker/4 weeks (saturday)

Miss Bea Viruz (girl) light green and blue male

Meet Brukbare's Miss Bea Viruz :)

Light brown and blue male

Light brown :)

Blue male out for the first time - curious and so relaxed :)

Dark green :)

Sindre and the puppies - purple male in the middel

Light brown ?

Valpene 3 uker /3 weeks

Blue boy (smallest dark) - he's so sweet ;)

Litle prince charming:)

Beige/light brown (smallest red boy) I'm sweet too!

Dark green boy ;)

Purple boy (biggest boy so far)

Light green boy - No photoes!!

The little princess ;) Photoes okey by me *hihi*

Girl :)

The girl, blue and dark green

And then they had some food......

Wow, this is good!

And some for mummy????

Light green - Okey I'm done ;)

Light brown - I'm done too!

Purple boy : I'm not, there's still something left! (I intend to be the big guy all the way) ;)

Okey girl, let's talk about it:)

(Girl) No, sorry, I have to sleep now *hehe*

A nap for everyone after dinner :)



You and me mum ;) smallest dark boy - 2 weeks

Hmmm here's a nice place to sleep :)

Smallest dark boy and the girl in front - 14 days

Mmmmm, nice!:)

Smallest dark boy - sleeping in mums arms ;)

One of the boys - See my eyes are open :) 14 days

Girl out walking ;) 14 days

Smallest "red" boy sleeping :)

14 days - Grozza and the biggest boy - no wonder he's the big guy - "I'm eating, the others are sleeping;)"

Biggest boy 14 days enjoying the meal :)

The gang is 2 weeks :)

12 days :)

12 days - the boy nearest on top was the smallest when born, but is now
a little bit heavyer than the smallest of the darkest boys (secon from top of picture)

5 days - all are growing very well :)

5 days

Smallest male 5 days

Our little girl 5 days

Girl 5 days - look at this cute tiny paws - lovely!


Day 2 - girl with her head this way - on top of our little guy:)

Day 2 - girl nr 3 from left, with her head on the smallest boy :)

Day 2 - the smallest boy enjoys eating :)

Grozza is tired after a long night giving birth...... day 1

B-litter 5 males 1 female - day 1


Spader Ess Miss Grozza Virus 8 weeks pregnant :)

Quite heavy these days

Spader Ess Miss Grozza Virus June 17th 2012 - 5 weeks pregnant

She feels great and it is still okey to play with the ball :)

Come on, I'm waiting!

Father: N UCH Izgara's Borneo