født/born 14.07.2012

Eies av Marga Derckx-Schraeder og Johan Derckx, Trysil

Birk 5 months - he's a lovely little boy!

Not fun to stay when Vixen and Elijah is running ....

This is fun!!

I want to have it!

The snow is falling ;)

Birk is very sweet

And Vixen is his big hero!

We were trying to take photoes of Vixen, but Birk follows as a shadow ;)

5 months <3

4 months

4 months - His right ear has not got up so far, here we're lucky *lol*

Birk 11 weeks upon a small mountain - Valfjell 1191 meter :)

Since he's so young he had to be carried most of the trip - he didn't find that
very fun.....;)

But on the top it's nice

Birk and Athina - she's so nice to play with :)

11 weeks

And after some hours outside, it's lovely to sleep - on top of Max and "mum" *lol*

10 weeks - Look out!

Baltazar and Birk 10 weeks

Baltazar and Birk

Baltazar and Birk 10 weeks :)

10 weeks running in the dirt - nice;)

Birk 8 weeks

8 weeks

Playing with brother Bark

A little boy needs to sleep to ;)

Birk 7 weeks - beautiful litle boy:)



Birk 7 weeks enjoying the flowers ;)

Hi mum, may I have the ball? 6,5 weeks

5 weeks - Birk and his brother Bark ;)

4 weeks - resting om mummy

4 weeks, checking the garden :)

3 weeks

3 weeks

2 weeks - sleeping in mummys arm :) He is smallest of the puppies at this time :)