Brukbare's Carmina

- born 29.august 2014

Carmina 8,5 months was on her first show May 9th - Best of Breed puppy, 3rd best puppy
in the Group final :) Here is what judge Erwin Deutscher said about her:
"Harmonic type for the age, very good head, black pigment, ear & tail correct, very good top line, coat and angulation,
movement and caracter is for age very good, Very promising"

Beautiful girl in beautiful surroundings :)

Carmina is ready to move to Thor Andre - 8 weeks


7 weeks - in the mountain - fixing her brother *lol*

6,5 weeks

6 weeks

6 weeks - hmm I wonder if they taste good ....

6 weeks

5 weeks - juhu look at me :)

5 weeks - she's so sweet!

4 weeks

3 weeks - with her brother Charlie

3 weeks - Camina is second from the right hand side :)

23 days old<3

Carmina (left) and Cassandra 8 days