Brukbare's Cassandra


Born/født: 29.08.2014 NO51419/14

HD/AD -A/A (free)
Øyne/Eyes - checked free june 2017
Theeth: Okey

2nd best junior female European Dog Show 2015
2 x CAC Denmark 2016
CAC NKK Bø feb.2017

Competing in obedience - 1 prize 7.11.2015 - may move on to class 2
Passed Mentalprescription May 2016
1 prize in RallyObedience class1 200 points of 200 possible :) 1prize RallyObedience class 2 - competing in class 3
2 x 1 prize in Dogdancing freestyle class 1, 1 prize in class 2

Lives with us



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