Født/born 24.7.2012

June 2014

Easter in the mountain 2014

Hmm what is happening outside ?

Snow is fun ;)

Ekeberg 23. April 2014 - my boy <3

April 23rd 2014

Elijah had his first entrance in dogdancing class 1 March 16 th 2014. He did
quite well, but simply had to take a closer look to what they did ringside..... And with his nose
outside the ring, well that's discualified :( Some more training to time ;)
Here's some photoes - thank's to Ann-Merethe for taking a lot.

Rolling over

Hey, what are you doing out there?

I was working? Okey , I can jump

Hey fun, let's do it again....

Give me a big kiss <3


Training dogdancing in the garden :)

Raising right paw

and left ;)

and playing a bit...

Look I can bite ;)

Juhu, let's play too...

Elijah was shown in Geneva 29. and 30. August 2013 - He became Swiss Jr Champion
and got European Juniorwinner 2013 :) <3

Geneva - he has startet to loose his puppycoat ;)

Our Junior boy ;)

Elijah is saying hello to Monica Isenegger :) He thinks he's a little boy and is very happy in a close way *lol*

Elijah and Qatla's grandmother Scalloway's Jispa (13 years)

Grandma Jispa still like to play :)

Holiday in our cabin in tha mountain August 2013

After 2 hours walking it's nice to lay in the cool grass :)

We're on our way 4 people and 4 dogs to stay a night in a small cabin in the mountain. Nice experience!

Elijah is a beautiful boy <3

Another day we went fishing...

No problem - I can help (scaring of the fish) *lol*

Elijah loves to run :)

Taking a rest

And runs again in the wet berry field where we were picking


Trainin Heelwork to Music at trainingcamp july 2013

And spinning :)

"Yes! I'm paying attention!" - my sweetest boy - Elijah is just wonderful <3 <3

Heelwork to Music is 10 different possitions -He going forward while I'm going backwards is one of them :)

Lovely in the mountains - june 2013

Me and my mum <3- june 13

Our "little" sweethart - 11 months

Beautiful boy isn't he?

Running with Max

Taking a break ;)

All the boys in our family :) <3

Inside our cabin - ready for dinner *lol*

Elijah 8 months - Mr. Charming <3

Hey - where did my sausage go?

8 months - out training and playing på Gjerdrum :)

Wonderful boy 8 months

Training "stay down"

8 months - watch up, because I can't stop when I get my speed up *lol*

Elijah and Vixen having fun

7,5 months training heelwork

7,5 months

Elijah 7 months - Thanks Ellen for a lovely picture!

6,5 months

Stand still is not fun......

This is more fun! (9.2.13)

Christmas 2012 - 5 months :) Photoes Ann-Merethe Rønning

Elijah is playing with Vixen and is having fun :)

Sweety <3

5 months - wathcing Vixen with a ball

Yes! I got it!! :)

Nearly 5 months - 22.dec 2012

In the falling snow - seems like we will have a white christmas :)

It's fun running in the snow with friends!

Found something.... ursj....

Our beautiful little Elijah 5 months <3

Elijah 4 months - we have "boorwed this photoes from his breeder Eternity - thanks :)

Beutyful little boy - 4 months

3,5 months

3,5 months :)