Montmorenja's Kenai Viruz
e. Spader Ess Miss Grozza Virus & BH Montmorenja's Elleville Ailo Max

Kenai went to mentaltest (funksjonsanalyse) 26th May 2013.
He if playful and friendly, solves things okey, shows no
aggression or dominance, is not frightend of sound and is 100 % secure when shoting. GOOD boy!

Kenai runs after a big moving object, and checks it out

Big surprise when the headless man pops up ;)

Well okey, let's check it out "mum"

Social fight/play - hmmm what's up ;)

Kenai is watching a figur comming slowly thouwards him.


Kenai 2 years

Kenai after dog show 27.1.2013

The judge gave me Excellent, CK and 2 best male 26.1.13 ;)


Kenai June 17th 2012

Kenai 19 months

Kenai 18 mnd - på mentalbeskrivelse - tar livet med ro :)

Kanskje ikke så kul denne muttern ?!

hmmm hva er dette mon tro?

Kenai 4 mnd