N UCH Siggen's Spring Fling

Sienna at Corgi spesiality show in Trondheim July 4th 15 - became 4th best bitch

Trondheim - in the ring July 4th

Sienna and Håkon in agility class1 23.05.15

Photo: Ann-Merethe Rønning

July 2014 - starting to look more "grown up" <3

Sweet sweet Sienna!

<3 <3

Training to show herself ;)

And playing with Aimee :)

Sienna's first CAC in dogshow 30.3.2014 <3
Judge John Muldoon

Hmm - do we have to do this photoshoot? ;)

Isn't she just lovely?! <3

No wonder the judge gave her CAC ;)

Now we're talking - this is far more fun than looking pretty ;)

Training for dogshow :)

She's the sweetest....<3

Håkon and Sienna - first time training in a ring :)

Sienna is paying attention <3

9 months - she's so lovely! (photoes Ann-Merethe Rønning)

Enjoying life :)

9 months - she has taken this broken botle from the grand old lady Aqua, and loves it *lol*

Miss little beauty :)

5 months <3

Isn't she lovely?

Sienna and Håkon - a good team :)

5 months - first night after leaving kennel Siggen :)