f. 14.07.2012

Eier/owner: Anna Maksim m/ fam, Gjøvik

Baltazar (Rusty) nearly 1 year

Lovely boy - 11,5 months

Let go of me - I want to play with my brother!

Bark and Baltazar - look out we're coming

Barko and Rusty

This is fun!

Rusty (Baltazar) is drinking :)

Rusty 7 months

Nice boy 7 months

Playing in the snow with a friend (7 monts)

Something to eat?

Rusty 13 weeks. Thank you Anna!

13 weeks in his new home :)

Baltazar is moving :)

Rusty 9 weeks

8 weeks and absolutly wonderful :)

Hello there, play with me ;)

7 weeks

3 weeks